New Orleans School Talk:

On Monday March 21, 2005 Mark and I had several things to do first thing in the morning.  First we went to New Orleans Fox News Channel where Mark did an on-air interview with the morning anchors.  Afterwards, we had a school talk scheduled before noon which was set up by Sprint.  Once at the school, Mark spoke to an entire 4th grade class at the school for bout an hour.  We tool them out to see the Chevy Tahoe which is home to us for many hours and days when we are on the road.  Below are a few of the photos at the school.

Mark discussing what we do in a hurricane and how we prepare to head out with questions waiting in the wings.

There was news media on hand to film the event.  Here Mark starts to discuss the equipment on the Tahoe and what it is used for.

Pointing out how many hurricanes the Tahoe has been through and their names.

Wrapping up, teachers and students were listening closely as Mark describes how much water could fill New Orleans if a major hurricane were to hit the city.

At The Conference:

The big reason we went to New Orleans and the conference this year was because Mark had the chance to host his first panel at the conference.  On the panel with Mark was Jeff Flock retired from CNN and with whom we worked extensively with during Hurricane Isabel in Atlantic Beach and who also shot a documentary about our work this year in Hurricane Frances and Ivan.  Also asked to speak on the panel was severe weather specialist and Doppler On Wheels founder Josh WurmanMark was to discuss why we come to an evacuated area and just what it is we try to accomplish each and every storm.  Jeff spoke about the medias roll in covering these large monstrous storms as they slam ashore and and just why it is so many journalists are sent into harms way.  Next would be Josh Wurman's term and how Doppler On Wheels is advancing not only tornado research but also how it is really making large leaps forward in understanding the structure of these massive storms.  The room was packed with about 60-70 people filling every seat and another 10-15 people lined the outer walls of the room.  Most of the folks listening in were city managers, town managers, emergency managers, police and fire officials and several folks from the news media and the U.S. military.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the talk and had great comments and questions afterwards.  Several people passed out business cards and numbers for all of us to call them if we are ever headed to their county or city and said we would be welcomed any time.  So the conference was a big success in that regard.  Below are a few photos from the talk.

Here Jeff Flock was TRYING to show a DVD of his career with CNN covering many hurricanes in the past.  This particular DVD was about Hurricane Bertha in 1996 and how that was a "good storm to work". 

Afterwards, several people came up to talk with Mark, Jeff, Josh and myself about coming to their counties the next time a hurricane threatens. 

Josh Wurman speaking with several people about his hurricane experiences.  He spoke during his talk about how it was hard for them to get into certain areas or counties in the past.  Many found that disturbing and hard to believe that someone would not let a real research scientist into the area when they would let many chasers in without question.  Him being at the conference for this talk turned out to be a great contact point and hopefully the next time Josh and his crew will be welcomed into any hurricane effected area.


Atlanta School Talk:

Mark and I dropped Jeff Flock off at the airport where we picked Josh up the night before the talk and headed out of New Orleans back east to Atlanta to meet with a few of the people who make our communications and internet connections possible with Sprint and to talk to a school class just outside Atlanta.  Below are those photos of the class talk.

We were greeted outside by the class of school children as we reached the school. 

Here Mark is talking about the equipment and taking questions.

A few of the kids were able to take a look inside the Tahoe and see the inner workings.  Here Mark is showing them the laptop and the new streaming webcam video to the site.  We would go inside to finish up and show some video clips and photos as the weather was chilly, windy and rainy.

Mark was showing the effects of Hurricane Alex on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  The video clip was a favorite of every one in the class.

After the video clips and a few great questions from the kids, it was time to head back home.  We would get back to Marks house late that evening of  March 22nd. 


A Few Storms On The Way Home:

Just as expected, a line of small, weak thunderstorms was trying to develop along Hwy. 58 in southern Virginia as I was headed home.  I would stop several times to shoot a few photos at different locations as I waited to see if anything would develop and become a mature thunderstorm.  As the line would show signs of developing and weakening just as quickly, I decided to head on home and wait to see what happened later.  When stopped at a red light, I was hit from behind.  That story and photos later.  Below are a few photos of the developing storms that afternoon.

Just west of Franklin, Va. the line of developing storms was showing promise for the first time this spring.

Watching a few areas try to develop I saw an area of low hanging clouds that looked like a wallcloud trying to develop.  Of course it was not, however, it gave a chance to test out the Nikon D70 in storm conditions for the first time this season.


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