April 27, 2007

Severe thunderstorm day for the first time of the 2007 spring season. Things did not go well during the afternoon as traffic was horrible all over the area and I could not get into position for the lightning that was increasing with thunderstorms coming northeast from North Carolina. After trying to chase them down into Virginia Beach, and missing out due to accidents everywhere from the heavy rains and people driving way to fast for the conditions, I gave up and went home. Later in the evening Cristal and I went to friend Bill Coyle's house to hang out for the evening. On the way we saw several large thunderstorms to our northwest. The thunderstorms became severe through the evening. Several of the photos below show the large storm structure in the setting sun. Also, as it grew darker we were able to shoot some lightning photos from those storms.

These two shots show the massive size of a storm over 70 miles away. Taken across from the Greenbrier Mall in Chesapeake. 

Two photos of positive lightning strikes later in the evening from the large thunderstorm over Williamsburg.

Two more photos of lightning from the same massive cell from the lake in front of Bill Coyle's house in Virginia Beach.


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