August 27, 2000:

A small line of storms moved in from the south over the Norfolk area once again.  Shooting from the same spot as the last two times, but this time I was late to the show.  However, I managed to catch one good shot before the storm weakened and moved away.  In the photos below it appears that the main channel struck the roof of the First Union Tower.  After a closer look with a magnifying glass, we noticed that the main channel came down to the right of the building just behind it, but there is a small leader on the right just above the roof that hit one of the rods and bounced off and struck another rod just above the First Union sign on the right.  After this shot, I have not seen another bolt come close to the building in 3 going on 4 years.  Pretty strange stuff.  Camera and film:  Minolta x370s and fuji film 200 iso.



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