May 2, 2002:

Well a new season was about to get underway.  During the off season I had met fellow chaser and good friend now, Bill Coyle.  He had been shooting lightning for several years before me and had "made the switch."  The switch would be from negative film to slides.  He had talked me into changing to slides and I was excited to give it a shot.  We were also getting ready to head out to Tornado Alley later in the month and had also bought my first 3ccd video camera, the Sony VX 1000.  We were out on this evening and friend Mark Sudduth down in Wilmington, NC. was giving us radar updates.  He told us to get as far south in Virginia Beach as possible and that a "bowling ball" looking complex of storms was moving in that direction.  We had just been on the northern end of the Beach shooting video during daylight hours.  We found a fruit stand somewhere in Pungo in Virginia Beach and set up for the shoot.  The storms moved in right over top of us.  It was raining so hard and the wind was blowing it right into the stand.  We shot some video until we could shoot some stills.  Here are three crawlers after the storm had moved to our east.  Camera and film:  Minolta x370s and Fuji Sensia slide film 100 ISO.


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