JULY 11, 2003:

On this night the storms started moving in from the west with plenty of daylight left.  As the storms moved into the Suffolk and Portsmouth areas, Cristal and I drove to Norfolk and to the top of one of the parking garages overlooking Waterside to the west.  The first few photos are of the beautiful storm structure and sunset.  There is also some great time lapse video of the cell turning to the southeast.  From Norfolk we decided to drive to southern Chesapeake to shoot some photos of the lightning.  The NWS in Wakefield issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the storm as it moved into the city.  We ended up in the back parking lot of a school on Cedar Road near the Chesapeake campus of T.C.C.  Still recovering from the recent surgery, I was lucky to have not missed anything significant before this night.  While I was shooting photos, Cristal shot the video and did a superb job.  Just as I jumped out of the truck to grab my still camera and tripod, she picked up the camcorder and started filming.  Below labeled video stills are two frame grabs from the video of a very close bolt of about 100 yards away.  Click here to see the video.  Also, click here to see a time lapse of the storm as it developed over downtown Norfolk.  Camera and film: Nikon N65 and Fuji Provia slide film 100 ISO.




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