July 25, 2013

On the evening of July 25, 2013 a strong line of storms made its way in to Portsmouth and Norfolk.  I headed out to my normal parking garage in downtown Portsmouth.  This would be really the first chance to do so all season and it would turn out to be the last unfortunately.  We haven't had to many opportunities over the last few years for some good night time lightning photography.  The first part of the line blew through with mostly heavy rain, some distant lightning and strong winds.  As the first part moved over, another cell developed almost on top of me and went to town.  I managed to get set back up as I had broken down the tripod due to the strong driving rain.  The last 2 images below I believe are my best ightning captures to date.  Hoping things improve for 2014!


These 2 images were taken looking north as the line approached.

As the line moved overhead, the wind was blowing near 30mph and driving the rain into the garage.

This image was captured as the wind started to die down.  It was also over exposed so I converted it to black & white.

Some of these were taken before, and after the next 2 images.  Looking east into Norfolk.

Big double bolt over the shipyard in Norfolk.  It's a little over exposed due to the brightness of the bolts and how close it was.

Big bolt over the shipyard in almost the same spot as the one above.


All Images Copyright Jesse V. Bass III and

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