JULY 5, 2004:

In the early to late evening just before sunset yesterday, I saw a distant thunderstorm over the city of Richmond from my home in Portsmouth.  So I drove to Portsmouth City Park where I could get a good view of the storm and shoot a few photos.  I had been watching the storms on radar for a while hoping they would hold together and make it into the area later for some lightning photo opportunities.  Well the storms died before they could reach the area.  However, an outflow boundary from the storms moved into Hampton Roads late last night and triggered a few storms.  The two lightning photos below are from those storms over southern Chesapeake.  I was just about to go to bed when I saw a flash and my friend Bill Coyle called my cell phone.  I headed out only to get one good photo with the Sony DSC F 717 digital.  I shot a few slides of the distant storm over Richmond and will post those as soon as I get the slides developed.



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