MAY 2, 2003:

The first part of the 2003 season was kind of slow for shooting lightning photos.  By this time, Bill and I were willing to drive the miles it would take to put ourselves in the path of some storms for possible night time lightning.  Also, with knowing that in just a few weeks I would be going back into surgery for a second hernia repair, I needed to get out and shoot because I would be out of the "game" for awhile not to mention I had just bought a Nikon N65 35mm camera and was ready to use it.  We ended up driving into North Carolina to the Durham area and getting into place at just the right time.  The storms would start in the early to late afternoon and last a good part of the night.  During the daylight hours we were able to shoot some pretty good video.  Windows Media 5.07mbs.  Once we started moving east with the storms, we could see that they were going to last for some time.  We were able to stop along the road and get a few photos off before the storms started to die.  Those photos are below.  As we headed back home, we ran into another cell in Suffolk, Va where we saw nickel to quarter sized hail.  That can be seen at the end of the video above.  The last photo is of a distant storm near Virginia Beach when Bill and I arrived at his house.  Camera and film: Nikon N65 and Fuji Sensia slide film 100 ISO.

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