MAY 21, 2004:

On Friday May 21, 2004 a large complex of severe thunderstorms moved through the upper mid-west and through the Great Lakes region.  It then turned south and headed towards Virginia.  As it passed over the mountains some of the storms looked like they were weakening.  But once the line reached the east side of the mountains, they began to intensify quickly as they pushed southeast.  They reached the Hampton Roads area sometime around 10- 11 pm.  Cristal and I drove out to meet the storms along Rt. 460 just north of the NWS Wakefield office.  The wind was intense the rain fall was extremely heavy at time and there were numerous large tree limbs down along the road.  Due in-part to poor visblity, we headed back south and then east into Portsmouth around midnight.  We set up and shot video and photos from a parking garage that I use from time to time.  Bill Coyle met up with us as we headed for Portsmouth and we shot over the city of Norfolk.  Here are a few slides from that night and I will   work on the video soon.



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