Early afternoon storms developed in the northern Virginia area and began to move southeast.  This storm did several thousands of dollars in damage as it moved through the Glouster area where it tore several roofs off of buildings and dropped grapefruit sized hail.  Theses same buildings would rebuild but have to do it all over again after Hurricane Isabel ripped through the region.  It had a tornado warning early in its history.  As it reached my location on the southern end of the Peninsula, it had started to "gust out" as it moved over the Chesapeake Bay.    Below are several photos as the storm approached and at the bottom of the page is the small time-lapse video clip.

The storm starting to make its way over Buckroe..

Just moments before the storm moved in,  people were still walking along the beach and swimming in the Bay..

This woman came out to see the large storm move in..


In this photo you can see the lifeguard had just cleared the beach and was headed to safety herself.

After the storm passed...  Here it is over the Atlantic ocean...

Here is a great satellite photo of the storm as it moved off shore.  Notice how the gust-front extends from the ocean all the way back to central Virginia.  Very impressive.

Click the thumbnail above to see the time-lapse video clip.


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